Friday, July 22, 2005

beautiful pearl white
      fuzzy body, fuzzy legs
            odd faced-shaped markings

Wow, I had a lot of people creeped out over the spider. Hopefully the bug I saw last night is a bit less creepy.

I pulled the cover off the hot tub, and under it was a bright white moth... He was quite fuzzy, and, I thought, appeared friendly. I told him to sit still so that I could go get my camera. He obliged.

He stretched out his legs and wings, and then settled down. That's when I noticed a grouchy face on the back of his head. I tried to get a good picture of it, but it was the middle of the night, and my digital camera is not too thrilled about night time pictures. It does have a nighttime setting, but it has to be held quite still, and I didn't have a good place to prop it up. But here is the best pic to come out:

The fuzz around it made it look like he had crazy white hair. It was sort of Andy Warhol looking...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

eight legs, gold and green
      hairy, shiny, six red eyes
            making my butt clench

The other day, I was helping my landlord fix his shed. In a tangential note, he almost put me in the hospital -- He was drilling a screw to affix a a shelf into the side of his shed, and had the screw tilted a little too far. I was propping up the side of the shed, when I felt a burning sensation in my arm. The screw had come trough the wall, and ran down the side of my arm. It was slanted enough that it didn't pierce the skin -- just my shirt, undershirt, and burned along the side of my arm.

But that is NOT what this post is about.

As I was walking along side the shed, I walked through one of the thickest spider webs in the history of spider webbing.

I turned my head, and about a foot away from me was one of the freakiest looking spiders ever. I did shriek in a higher pitched tone than I thought I was able. Normally, I'm not too skittish around spidery things, but this one struck me as super-freaky.

After detangling myself, I did go get my camera to record the beast.