Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Early Morning Panic

I have to work a little late today, so I came in a bit late. I stayed up to watch The Daily Show and Tough Crowd... And did some dishes after that. The point: I was up PAST MIDNIGHT. GASP! I knew I could just get up whenever I wanted in the morning, so I didn't care! I'm a rebel. Look out.

This morning I first woke up a little at 6:30 am. Have you ever had that morning panic?! You're brain is not fully awake, and you look at the clock, and for some reason it causes you to panic. Ohmigod! I've overslept!, even if you haven't? Have I slept through the entire day? I'm sure it's happened to you.

Well, this morning, at 6:30 am, I woke up -- and it seemed too dark. I think the extended weekend made it so that I am used to waking up when it is at least a little bit light. I thought there should be at least a little morning twilight... my panicked thought was this: OHMIGOD! Has the Earth's rotation slowed? And in the next few milliseconds, my brain tried to go through all the different ways in which this could have occured. It all happened and went away quickly, but it's still no way to awaken.

And I realized: I am such a geek (a slowdown in the rotation of Earth?! Sheesh...). A geek who might need a vacation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I think it's fixed.
ACK! The Yahoo pictures thing isn't working. It seems the ID's they use for the pictures get scrambled every few minutes.

I need to think of a new way to get the pictures there...

Sorry for the broken pics out there. They ARE temporary. I WILL figure this out.

This movie: The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Movie review at a glance:

A simple story

A complicated tale
Seen it before

A fresh perspective
Visually ordinary

Special effects-y

Borders has a sale going on: buy 4 DVDs get the 5th one free! So I just bought a bunch of old sci-fi and scary movies. The first I've watched is "The Brain That Wouldn't Die".

Here's the story -- There is a doctor experimenting with new techniques of human transplantings. He keeps a house in the country where he can do his super-sectret experiments.

Apparently, he's been theiving body parts from the amputation wing of the hospital, and has used those parts to build a new human! (Frankensteinian, for sure) This human has apparently had some mutation and aggression problems, and one Friday afternoon, the doctor and his fiancee are headed for the house in the country to see what this pieced-together beast is up to.

The doctor is in a hurry, and he crashes the car as he speeds up the winding country road. He escapes with minor injuries, but his wife crashes into the windshield and is decapitated.

The doctor scoops up the head and rushes for his laboratory, where he manages to hook up his equipment, and keep the head alive.

Now he just needs to find her a new body...

It is a fun film! The gore is class-of-1961, which means it is not all that graphic. There is a scene where a guy gets an arm ripped off that drags on for a while and is pretty scary and graphic, but the death throes are so drawn out, it's almost funny.

An aside: I love the old sci-fi horror classics with names like: "The Brain That Wouldn't Die," since they rarely have a lot to do with the movie. The brain actually would die, and even wanted to die. All he'd have to do is detach the machinery. The woman would actually do it herself.... but, well, you know.... she had no arms or body or anything.

(Expect to see more reviews of movies of this ilk in the coming days...)
When it's time to chaaAAAnnge...

I've been looking for a new idea for this page for a little while. Turns out, in my brain at least, everything old is new again.

A couple years back I had a "regular" web page where I posted some random things. It's still there, actually, I just haven't updated it in just about forever.

Anyway, on that site I reviewed books, and I used a sort of "slider" system to rate them. I didn't really want to say whether a book was good or bad, I mean, who am I to say such a thing? BUT, I did feel that I could give an idea of how complex, original, and well-paced the book was. Here is an example of the "Review at a glance" that I used:

Easy to read

A literary workout
Read it before

A novel with novelty
Lost my interest

Kept me riveted

It seemed to be a nifty little way to sum up the feel of the book.

So I'm going to start using it again!

I think I will use it for movies, too --

Something like:

A simple story

A complicated tale
Seen it before

A fresh perspective
Visually ordinary

Special effects-y

AND, I'm sure I'll get sick of this version of my blog and change my mind again soon...