Thursday, April 17, 2003

Let's start simple.

  • THE THING: Coffee from the cafeteria.
          Black and nearly burnt
              Bitter, tart flavor lingers;
                  Some renegade grounds.
  • THE FULL REVIEW: Dang. It's like sucking on burnt leather. Now, usually the cafteria has some flavored coffee; today's flavors were Kona, Hazelnut, and Mocha Java. Those are grossly overpriced, but decently flavored and kept in a carafe so as not to eventually taste like death warmed over. But all carafe's were grossly lacking in coffee, so i went with the 'standard brew'. Yick. I don't add sugar to my coffee, but now I see why many people do. This nastiness will stick with me all night.

Of course, I am going to finish all twenty ounces. Don't try to understand...
For some reason I have urge to review everything I come in contact with... books, movies, games, the Nutter Butter I just ate. So now I have a place to do it. FIRST I will post a brief review, in haiku form. Then, if you crave more info, you can find more detail below... it'll make sense as I go along...