Wednesday, October 15, 2003

  • THE THING: The movie The Italian Job.
          Honor among theives.
              When that gets disrespected,
                  bad things may occur.
    I rented the Italian Job from the campus movie rental. A buck a day -- you can't go wrong.

    I liked it! It was quite cool. If you've seen any preview for the movie, then you know what the premise is. If you haven't, just check it out. There are a couple a heists, and a series of events which tie them together. There's only bad guys, which is kind of nifty. It's not cops vs. robbers, it's robbers vs. robbers.

    I'm not sure why I liked it! There aren't any real twists or surprises. There are no long, drawn out fight scenes. There are no big firefights. The explosions which occur are precise and subdued. The was no novelty in the car chases.

    I guess the graceful cinematography, the easy acting, and the simplicity of the story are what gave me the good feelings as I was watching it. I won't run out and buy this, but if it's ever on TV, I might check it out again.

    There's nothing here to blow you away, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I think.

Final Score on the Chris Worth Scale: A perfect $7. A very pleasant rental.