Wednesday, May 12, 2004

There's a game called Pig Pile.

I've played it a bunch of times now. I attend a regular game night, and it seemed to pass the harsh game night crowd standards! I've also played it with family and friends, and we all seem to find it fun. I know I do.

It basically a card game that looks an AWFUL LOT like a standard card game called Palace. You can play a card on top of another if it has a value equal to, or greater than the card that is there. If you don't have a card to play, you must pick up the ENTIRE discard pile and add it to your hand. There are some cards face down in front of you that you have to work towards. First one to ditch all cards wins, and gets 3 pig points. Next one out gets 2 pig points. Everyone else gets 1 pig point, except for the person who has the most cards.

You actually keep track of the score with little pigs. And that's the best part -- collecting the little pigs. And setting them up in odd formations.

And, for some of us, sticking them in our ears. This is someone who will only be referred to as "The Colonel" (his actually identity will remain hidden for his own protection!!) enjoying those pigs.

It's a good game. Not too expensive. Quite easy to learn. Looks like a keeper.
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Ok, I am so happy now.

First -- I'm getting used to the new Blogger interface. I knew I would. There are still some issues I have, but I'm sure I'll get over.

Second -- and, oh so much more importantly, I can use the "Hello" program to post pictures! And host pictures!! This is awesome and amazing and free and makes me SO MUCH happier. There are many times that I've wanted to put pictures, but couldn't. I use Yahoo, but they scramble their web addresses, so you can't put a permanent link to them.

Hello lets me include the picture!

I needed this. My day has been sucking so far, and there is a decent amount of suck left to go. I am a smidge happier now.

This is a test to see if I can use "Hello" to post pictures to my Blog. This would be good. I could take the pictures of the Planetarium web site -- I'm sure I'm breaking a rule or 2. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

SO FAR I do not like the new Blogger interface. It takes more clicks to do the simplest things, and makes it harder for me to see the things I am used to seeing (like recently updated Blogs).

It won't stop me from Blogging, but if it looked like this when I started, I probably wouldn't have stayed with it long.

Sorry, Blogger folks. If you could change some stuff BACK I would be thrilled. The old panel of posting and publishing was nice. I did a LOT of test posts before I published before. Doesn't look like that's even an option anymore. Oh, wait. Maybe it is "Save as Draft".

Urf. I am not in the mood for change.

I'm sure I'll come around.

I was in a restaurant this weekend, and I overheard part of a conversation. It went like this...

"...because you see, fish don't have legs. Chickens have legs."

I have been haunted by this since. I really, really want to know how that could possibly fit into a conversation.