Thursday, July 15, 2004

Freaky old dude.

Am I the only one who is COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT by the old dude in the new Six Flags commercials?!?

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I always thought he was kind of freaky for some reason, but he has apparently even crept into my subconscious. I had a dream last night that a bunch of friends and I were on that Six Flags bus that he drives in the commercials. I assume we got on it in order to go to Great Adventure -- We were riding up a narrow road against the side of a cliff, and he kept looking back at us with the freaky mouth-open crazy-eyed look he has. He kept glancing off the road and speeding up -- we were all yelling at him to slow down, and he just kept shaking his head and speeding up. As we got near the top of the hill he gleefully drove right off the road.

I did wake up before we all plunged to our fiery death, but I assume that was the conclusion.

I don't think I can go to Great Adventure any time soon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Hey. I just checked my profile for some unknown reason, and I noticed: I've made exactly 300 posts.

Well, this one is actually 301. But still...
Radio is the sound salvation.


This weekend, I picked up a Sirius satellite radio system. It is the most awesome thing ever. I think it is tremendous.

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New Jersey, at least where I am, has a dearth of radio stations. It's either pop or classic rock, and it just gets tired after a while. And there's not even any good talk radio (Air America on 1190 AM comes in sporadically).

NOW, I have more music than I can ever stand. It is amazing.

My favorite channels:
10: the bridge
18: the spectrum
21: alt nation
22: 1st wave
24: sirius disorder (this is probably my ABSOLUTE fave)
26: left of center
64: chill
146: cracked up comedy
147: raw dog

But I listen to lots of others, as well.

I haven't spent much time on the Classic Radio Show channel or the Discovery Channel but I'm sure I will.

They have 120 channels. If you like to listen, this thing is for you. I don't care what you like the listen to... it's here. I'm really blown away.

I got the car AND home kits, and I couldn't be happier.

The only negative: The other night, there was basically a monsoon going on around my house, and the signal got interrupted quite a bit. I went out and did some antenna adjusting, and it seemed to help, but during the worst of the rain, it was kind of choppy.

Go buy this thing. It rocks.