Friday, June 04, 2004

I got a new toy!

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I had a dinky little Dean Markley jamming amp since college. It made all sorts of horrible noises that were not related to the guitar at all. It buzzed and hummed and groaned and popped and sputtered.

But all that's changed. This little dude is the best thing ever. It's a Fender Frontman. It's bigger than my old one, but still pretty small. The clear tone is awesome, the reverb is awesome, the buzzy gain is awesome.

I am a rock and roll star. At least in my own apartment in my own brain in my own little world.
As a person who speaks loudly for a living, having a sore throat just stinks.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Last night, I went outside to find a pair of geese with two babies. The goslings were terribly, terribly cute. I had to get some pictures. I actually took about a dozen.

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This morning, they were back by the docks! I went down to get a couple more pictures, when I heard a rustle in the trees at the edge of the property. A big adult goose came out, followed by what appeared to be a clown-car full of babies. I count SEVENTEEN.

Too cute. Although, there is goose crap EVERYWHERE.