Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I made that.

I have needed an entertainment center, of sorts, for a while. My DVDs were just sitting in a line across the ground in front of the TV. My video and stereo components were just stacked on each other. I looked for a pre-made one, but couldn't find one that matched my needs.

SO, I did some planning, and went to Home Depot (which I HATE), and bought seven 1"x4"s. And about an hour later I had this:

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Holey moley, I'm a carpenter! Who knew?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Flutter by.

Also at the Bronx Zoo, I visited the Butterfly House. They were cool. Here's some pics from there that I like a lot!





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The monkeys' pose.

The college sponsored a trip to the Bronx Zoo while I was on vacation last week. $10!! That included the bus and admission as well as some of the premium areas. One of the areas we got to go to was the Gorilla Congo area. While I was there, two of them posed liked this:

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AMAZING! If there was a third with his hands over his eyes, people would think I altered it.

Although the "Speak No Evil" gorilla looks almost like he's doing "Smell No Evil". But that's OK, too.

I love the zoo.
Crazy Cricket

I had a huge cricket in my house while I was on vacation. HUGE. This thing was a monster. An insectiod beast.

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I scooped him up in a tissue and brought him outside to take pictures. I was feeling crawly and oogy the whole time. Look at those spiky things coming out of his butt! Yeeps.