Friday, January 09, 2004

Another Giant Microbes update!!

Looks like they will be adding some Critters soon... they have a little scrambled preview...

My superior decoding skills suspect that they will have: Bed Bug, Dist Mite, and Bookworm.

(I really have no idea why I keep going back to this site. I have no idea why I keep getting excited about it. I guess it's just the surreality of the whole thing.)
For the past 6 months, I have been sleeping on the floor, sort of.

I moved into a new apartment, and I had been sleeping on a king-sized Coleman air mattress, previously reserved for camping. I love the mattress, I really do. It is the most comfortable thing EVER. It is, remarkably, like sleeping on air.

Alas, everytime I flopped down onto the floor, I did feel a little silly... I didn't have a bed. I felt kind of like I was just visiting my apartment. Even the people who visited me and slept on the fold out couch had a more permanent-feeling sleeping place than I.

So I knew I needed a bed. And I also knew it had to be air-filled. I can't go back to regular beds.

The local mall has one of those Select Comfort stores. Air filled beds! That actually look like actual beds! What a concept. Gotta get one.

So I did.

Sort of.

When you go to a Select Comfort store and buy the bed, you don't actually by the bed. You buy a piece of paper. This piece of paper simply tells you that you have a bed pending. I wondered why the store was so dang small. They simply give you a promise of a bed. The bed itself will arrive in 7 to 18 business days.

The fellow asked if I was going to need to set up an appointment you have them deliver the bed, and take away my old bed. I said no, not really. He asked, "Well what are you going to with the old bed?" I told him, "I'll fold it up and put it back with my camping supplies." I think he thought I misheard the question. He moved on quickly.

The bed was actually delivered rather quickly. In just a few days I got the first 2 of the 3 boxes that were shipped.

The biggest box, which was about 5 feet, by 3 feet, by 4 feet, contained the mattress and a few other items... it looked as if the UPS warehouse monster decided to take a chunk out of it. One of the corners was GONE, and it was rewrapped with packing tape, apparently in an effort to cover up any problems. I could almost see the guy in the warehouse, whistling to indicated, "Ho, hum! Nothing wrong here!" as he body-casted the box with clear plastic tape.

One of the things which was ejected from the box was the INSTRUCTIONS for how to set it up.

The web site has the directions, so I printed them out.

I was going through the checklist of items that should be included. APPARENTLY, also missing: The air pump. The thing to fill up the mattress.

I assembled the whole thing, and talked to customer service -- they are sending me a pump (I haven't received it yet), and I got a loaner pump from the store.

So, NOW it is all set up. Looks great! A real bed! I've slept on it for TWO nights.

And I have to be honest... the $40 air mattress on the floor is more comfortable than the $900 "real bed".

Here is an irony, of sorts.

Blogger has added a spell check in recent months.

The word "blog" does NOT appear in its dictionary.
Eright. I'm here.

It has been about three days longer than forever since I've added to this Blog. I have not forgotten about it. In fact, I've update some stuff in the margins in the interim.

Here's the problem: I thought that the goofy Haiku part in the beginning would help to jumpstart my little rantings. A bit of structure to get me focused, and intentionally bad haiku, and I would be on my way.

It seems to have turned out to work in an opposite fashion. The haiku looms in front of me, causing me fear and discomfort. Also, as it turns out, approximately 7-point-3 million other Blogs include some consistent reference to haiku.

So... I think I will use the haiku form intermittently at best.

I probably need to change the description of the blog, then.